Our team takes the time to learn about our residents and their rich and fulfilling lives. And Francesca is no exception!

Francesca was born in a small village in Italy shortly after the end of World War II. She was the youngest of three sisters and grew up helping her mother with the housework and caring for her siblings. When Francesca was in her early twenties, she decided to follow her sister to Australia in search of a better life.

In the first instance, Francesca worked in the sugarcane fields to earn a living, and eventually found a job as a housekeeper for a local family. She enjoyed her work and took great pride in keeping their home clean and tidy. Yet Francesca’s real passion was caring for children and loved nothing more than spending time with the young ones, teaching them new things and helping them to grow and learn.

Now living at Regis Lutwyche, Francesca remains active and enjoys taking regular walks with the employees and other residents she’s bonded with. Being outdoors is especially important to her and she often ventures down to the nearby brook to enjoy the fresh air and the flora and fauna.

Notably, animals provide a huge sense of comfort and joy to Francesca. Having always had a soft spot for cuddly creatures, she’s over the moon when a bird flies past her window or when she’s greeted by local cats and dogs on her walks.

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