In the heart of Regis’s Head Office in Melbourne, the walls proudly display two magnificent pieces of artwork, courtesy of the talented Graham King.

Ninety-two-year-old Graham, a resident from Regis Elermore Vale in NSW shared his remarkable gifts with us, leaving us inspired and proud. Today we celebrated his art and his generosity with a morning tea.

Graham was accompanied by his son Stuart and daughter-in-law Susan, who’d come all the way from Newcastle and a couple of local relatives also attended, making it a real family affair.

Before Graham moved to Regis Elermore Vale to be closer to family, he was a resident of Regis Port Stephens and it was there that Graham, who hadn’t painted for years, picked up the paintbrush.

For more than a year, Graham painted the days away, generating more than 50 pieces of artwork.

Graham spoke of how he uses his gift of painting to make people happy. He connected with one of our young nurses who had a longing to paint but never had the chance. Graham offered to mentor them, and their shared enthusiasm for painting forged a strong bond. Now, a painting he created proudly sits in the Home’s foyer, a testament to the power of shared passions and mentorship that transcends age and culture.

MD and CEO Linda Mellors said the painting is a great expression of the community within the Home.

“Residents give to our employees as well as the care we provide,” she said. “It’s the most beautiful expression of community.”

Linda gave Regis’ collective gratitude to Graham for his artwork and encouraged all employees to take the time to view them during the morning tea.

“Graham has given us two beautiful paintings,” she said. “They’re absolutely stunning and they bring us a bit of happiness every day.”

Graham King 2023

Graham King 2023

Graham King 2023 Graham King 2023 Graham King 2023