Meet Ann, Assistant Manager at Regis Blackburn. Joining Regis in 2016, Ann held the roles of Club Services Manager and Admissions Coordinator before moving into her current position. Ann was attracted to the aged care sector because she “loves meeting people,” having worked in customer services roles previously.  

“Regis has provided flexibility and great work-life balance,” shares Ann. 

As the Assistant Manager of the Home, Ann is responsible for overseeing the needs and wellbeing of the residents and the employees at the Home. In addition, she takes a lead in managing the cleanliness and safety of the Home, as well as ensuring there are sufficient team members for each day.  

When asked about what she enjoys most about her work, Ann expressed “we have a great team at Blackburn… everyone is experienced and reliable.” Although aged care can be a challenging industry, particularly during the pandemic, Ann has found “the team to always be supportive, especially the leadership team.”  

She likes working with the elderly because she gets to “learn a lot about their history and lives, how they met their partners, how long they lived together and all of their life experiences.”  

“I learn a lot from their stories.”  

Working in this sector is extremely rewarding work for Ann; she explains that she sees the residents “as her own grandparents and ensures everyone is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. 

When asked what advice she’d give to others contemplating a career in aged care, Ann reiterated “it is a great industry to work in if you are willing to learn new skills.”  

When Ann isn’t working, she adores being outdoors and amongst nature. She spends most of her weekends either hiking, riding her bike, or at the beach. Ann also loves spending time with her close friends and travelling, trying to get away on weekends whenever possible to explore as many places as she can. 

We thank Ann for her hard work and dedication to the residents at Regis Blackburn