Catherine Reinisch is one of our Lifestyle Coordinators at Regis Inala Lodge in Victoria. She’s been part of our Regis family for five years and has developed her skills throughout her career at Regis. Starting out as a Personal Care Assistant at Regis Blackburn, she then became a Lifestyle Assistant, and is now a proud Lifestyle Coordinator after completing her Certificate IV in Leisure and Lifestyle through Regis.

Catherine shared with us that after 20 years of working behind a desk, she wanted to do something completely different with her life. A friend of hers was looking to study a Certificate III in Aged Care and that resonated with her, leading her to take on the challenge herself. Ever since she decided to take that step, she’s enjoyed working in aged care.

Catherine values working with colleagues who inspire, challenge and encourage her to ‘do better’ and ‘think outside the box.’ She shared that she has an excellent team who help share ideas, run activities, and provide outstanding support to the residents and their fellow employees at Regis Inala Lodge.

“Walking through the door to see smiles and hear hellos is how I start each day and I love it. In the mornings, I write up the daily activities on the boards around our home, and then join our daily handover meeting where we discuss the day ahead. From the morning to the afternoon, we plan and run both group and 1:1 activities with our residents.”

Working in aged care can often be about the small things. Catherine said, “they always make me laugh and teach me to appreciate the small things in life.” Regis Inala Lodge also has a large Chinese community, and this has allowed Catherine to develop her knowledge of the culture, cuisine and entertainment that they love.

Outside of work, Catherine is an avid Marvel fan and can often be found watching the latest blockbuster films with her family. For Catherine, home for her means family. With a husband of 26 years and two boys, it’s the love and interactions that make her smile each day.


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