Meet Deb, Regional General Manager in Victoria and finalist for the Outstanding Leadership award for the 2022 National Regis Care Awards. 

Deb Bartholomew is committed to the wellbeing of all. At the beginning of 2022 whilst in her role as General Manager of Regis Blackburn, an unfortunate power outage hit the residence and affected operations for days. Being heavily reliant on electricity meant that the Home was faced with serious challenges. However, when a leader was required to stand up and keep the team unified, Deb was there. Her leadership skills during this period were exemplary and created a healthy comradeship among the team. Everyone came together to keep residents safe and at ease. Her dedication to residents and her team is unwavering.  

This is a fantastic example that highlights Deb’s exceptional ability to guide a team and overcome unforeseeable challenges that come with working in the aged care sector.  

Deb doesn’t just steer the ship during unfortunate times, but keeps her team focused, content and inspired each day. The level of respect she shows to all is appreciated and admired, especially her heartfelt generosity and selflessness. 

With a proactive and practical nature, Deb provides exceptional care and treats all with dignity and respect. 

We’re proud to have wonderful employees like Deb here at Regis and thank her for all her hard work in creating the best environment possible for our residents.