Meet Eka Halimah, Housekeeping Supervisor at Regis Lutwyche. Eka joined Regis Lutwyche three years ago and her first role in the Home was working as a Food Services Assistant. She additionally worked as a Laundry Attendant and thereafter expanded into a housekeeping role. The expansion allowed Eka to have a cross-section of knowledge and appreciation of the various roles within Regis.

After a period of time, Eka was recognised for her efforts and was elevated to Housekeeping Supervisor. With her previous external experience with cleaning and supervising staff she started to thrive and enjoyed having her own team. As a leader she is always empowering her team to perform at their best.

When asked what attracted her to work in the aged care sector, Eka replied, “While growing up in my own country we have the responsibility to look after and respect our elders, and this has been the driver for me wanting to commence working in the aged care environment.”

Eka enjoys her work at the Home. Each day may be different, as she has tasks that need to be actioned daily, weekly, and monthly including ad-hoc tasks that are unplanned for. A typical day for her includes checking for the arrival of stocks and placing orders, and leading a pre-work catch-up with her team members to organise their work schedule. She also has to schedule daily meetings with the Management Team to obtain feedback and updates from all departments.

In her role, Eka is environmentally conscious and ensures cleanliness is her top priority. “My team has mutual expectations when they are trained in the role,” said Eka. “Regis is a highly rated aged care provider and we strive to support the residents in a safe environment,” added Eka.

When asked what it was about working with the elderly she most enjoyed, she said working with them is interesting as she gets to know each individual and everyone has a different story and background.

She emphasised the greatest motivation for her working at Regis is having a highly respected multicultural employer that provides ongoing training and support.

For those who want to start a career in aged care, Eka advised that one must have a passion to care for others, listen to their stories, and show empathy to the elders.

“A career in aged care can be more rewarding than any other industry,” said Eka.

Outside of work, Eka is an avid horse rider and enjoys outdoor activities like kayaking and fishing. She also enjoys traveling with her wonderful husband.

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