Having a passion for aged care since the time she was a student nurse has driven the new General Manager at Regis Port Coogee to forge a career in the sector, which has seen her hold senior positions within aged care residences both in Australia and in her native Scotland.

“I firmly believe that our elderly population deserves exceptional care and to be able to participate in whatever they choose during their twilight years,” says Michelle Paterson, who joined the Regis group in November last year.

“I very much enjoy the variety of work in my current role, particularly the new experiences and learning opportunities that I’m able to share with my colleagues.

“A huge benefit of working at Regis Port Coogee is working with a fantastic and very dedicated team who I witness enriching residents’ lives on a daily basis. The support Regis has provided for me in my role has also been incredible, and it’s wonderful to know that additional support is always available.”

A registered nurse by profession, Michelle has worked in palliative care services for many years, and has also held positions as General Manager and Operations Support Manager for various aged care homes, both in Perth WA and in Scotland.

“I love the fact that each day brings its own challenges and no two days are ever the same,” adds the mother of two adult children, who admits she and her husband are passionate about travelling and are looking forward to seeing more of Australia in the years ahead.

“During a typical day I engage with residents, families and colleagues, ensure compliance and oversight within the home, work through any problems with the team and generally make sure we have a happy and healthy environment for everyone.”

And so, what are the highlights of working at Regis Port Coogee, where the majority of residents are octogenarians and nonagenarians?

“I love listening to their past life experiences and I find it really interesting how different cultures combine and integrate within the home but still retain their own identities,” Michelle says.

“Without doubt, each day I learn something new from our residents and I firmly believe aged care is a fantastic sector to work in; it is so very rewarding and there are so many opportunities for career progression and advancement.”

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