As more people want to remain living at home in their later years, the demand for quality in-home care services is on the rise. Home Support Worker at Regis Eastern Metro, Benny Tan, is a proud member of the dedicated workforce that is actively empowering more elderly people to continue living independently.

After moving to Australia from Malaysia several years ago, Benny knew he wanted to pursue a meaningful career. As part of his Certificate III in Individual Support, Benny started placement as a Personal Care Attendant at Regis Blackburn, which later led him to a role in our Home Care team. This sees him assisting ageing clients with personal care, driving them to appointments, taking care of chores around the home, and assisting with meals and shopping. But as Benny says, Home Care is about so much more than simply providing services.

“Performing tasks helps to ease the burden, but the companionship improves their overall wellbeing. Often we will take a walk to the park, chat over tea and cookies, and share jokes. Particularly for clients living alone, when they hear a friendly knock on the door, it can really make their day.”

Whilst Home Care services make life easier once established, it’s not uncommon for people to find the process of getting started somewhat challenging. With a multitude of Home Care providers on the Australian market and a complicated funding model, it can be difficult to know where to start. But as Benny affirms, clients feel the biggest impact from services that meet their individual needs. For instance, thanks to his language skills in Mandarin, Cantonese and Fujian, Benny has also been able to provide culturally-specific care to many Chinese-speaking clients at Regis. “People feel much more comfortable when they realise you can speak their language, and we have common topics to talk about like our traditions and festivals.” It seems that finding the right Home Care service can make all the difference in feeling ‘at home.’

Of course, the foremost question around any aged care service is quality, and as Benny explains, this is carried throughout an entire company. Nominated for Regis’ Outstanding Carer Award in 2020, Benny says he enjoys working within a supportive team where good work is acknowledged and rewarded. Furthermore, with Regis’ Studies Assistance Program, Benny is currently undertaking further studies in aged care quality and risk as he aspires to continue making a positive difference. Importantly though, he always retains sight of the individual, recalling the clients he has worked with in the past.

“For me, the most rewarding part of my job is seeing how appreciative they are – whether it’s being offered a slice of cake or just making them smile. It feels good knowing you made someone happy.”

If you or an ageing loved one might benefit from some extra support at home, help is available. Regis Home Care makes the process easy by helping you apply for government funding. Call 1300 188 740 for a friendly chat with one of our team.