Mildura – Meet Tracy

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Tracy is a Registered Nurse who has been creating a community of care in Mildura for the last eleven months. She joined Regis in June 2022 as a Clinical Care Coordinator and was later promoted to Clinical Care Manager in September 2022. For Tracy, care connects us all.

When asked about what attracted her to work in aged care, Tracy says, “I have been a nurse for 30 years and although I enjoyed working in the hospital, I much preferred working with residents and families in aged care. It’s about providing care and support in a home-like environment and building relationships with the residents and their families.”

Tracy shares that the relationships she builds with her residents and their families are what makes her work so rewarding.


“I enjoy spending time with all the residents and their families. I like to help people and solve problems, which is a vital part of my job. The team at Regis Mildura is very friendly, and everyone is here for the same reason – to care. I find that the supportive community at Regis makes it a great place to work.”

When asked what advice she’d give to those wanting a career in aged care, Tracy says “aged care is a very rewarding field, and I encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in it to do so. Take every opportunity to do it!”

Tracy’s experience provides insight into what it’s like to work in aged care. Her passion for building relationships with residents and their families and her commitment to providing care and support demonstrate the rewards of working in the aged care sector. For Tracy, care connects us all.

Join Tracy’s care team.