Regis Mildura – Meet Wendy

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Within the bustling and vibrant community of Mildura, Regis Mildura stands as a beacon of exceptional aged care. At the heart of this renowned aged care Home is Wendy, a dedicated and compassionate Personal Care Assistant (PCA). Wendy’s commitment to providing compassionate care to the residents of Regis Mildura has made her an invaluable member of the team. For Wendy, care connects us all.

Wendy’s journey at Regis Mildura began with a heartfelt desire to work with the elderly. Recognising the invaluable contributions made by the older generation, she felt a deep-rooted need to give back and make a positive impact.


Her compassionate nature and genuine dedication to providing exceptional care have shaped her role as a PCA, making her an integral part of the Regis Mildura community.

Within Regis Mildura, Wendy has found a supportive and cohesive team environment that feels like a family. The shared values and commitment to providing exceptional care create a positive atmosphere that enhances her work experience. This strong sense of camaraderie and the support offered by Regis Mildura allow Wendy to thrive and continuously deliver the highest level of care.

To those considering a career in aged care, Wendy offers heartfelt advice. If you possess the genuine compassion and dedication required for this line of work, pursue the necessary education and training. Wendy emphasises the importance of having a caring heart and encourages aspiring professionals to join this noble field, as their contributions are greatly needed.

Wendy’s passion for her work and her kind and empathetic nature makes her a valued member of the Regis team. For Wendy, care connects us all.

Join Wendy’s care team.