Heather Gambetta is one of our longest-serving employees and has been with us for over thirty years. She started her journey on 25 June 1991 and hasn’t looked back!

Heather works in the Housekeeping department and has ever since she commenced at the Home. Heather shared with us that “cleaning is very special as you are in the resident’s home and you truly get to understand their likes and dislikes. They are extremely entertaining and have lived interesting lives – some love to tell jokes, others ask about your family and how they are – they’ve become my second family.”

When asked what advice she would give to those looking for a career in aged care, Heather expressed that you need to have a caring nature no matter what field you work in. She also told us that empathy is hugely important in the role.

Outside of work Heather loves to travel and before the pandemic would often visit the USA where some of her family live. She also adores spending time with her rescue dog and cat! For Heather, home life is very special to her and loves nothing better than catching up with her family and friends.