Paint brushes are out and aren’t getting put away any time soon! A new Gallery Room at Regis Rosebud is in place so residents can proudly display their artwork with friends and family within the community. Residents have been thrilled with the addition of Art Therapy to their Lifestyle Program, which is all due to Lifestyle Coordinator, Patsy. She realized how much the residents enjoyed these artistic activities as it allows them to have a creative outlet. Patsy met Sandy, who works in counselling, who informed her that she also runs Art Therapy sessions, and the program came about effortlessly. Every fortnight, Sandy runs Art Therapy sessions with the residents at Regis Rosebud, which has been extremely popular and rewarding for them.

In between their fortnightly sessions, the Lifestyle Team have also organized other creative activities to allow the residents to be expressive and imaginative. “Paint and Sip” is a fun and social activity where residents get to paint an image, normally resembling something from nature. However, their creativity isn’t limited to the canvas, as they will sometimes compose creative drawings and paint onto their own mugs. They get to enjoy this over tea, coffee, or wine with high tea treats during their afternoon, sparking lots of laughs, conversations, and reminiscing with each other.

Art Therapy is a valuable way for residents to feel comfortable expressing their emotions through a creative avenue. It is another outlet that allows residents to show how they feel without using words, as it is a safe and welcoming environment. It is also a rewarding activity, allowing a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work; “it’s a safe space to try something new.” Art Therapy has been introduced in the Lifestyle Calendar across many Homes and has already seen positive effects among our residents.